Going on vacation, but you don’t want to lie on the beach for another year in a row? You can snorkel! What is snorkeling and what do you need for it? What safety measures you should take to snorkel responsibly? We’ll explain everything to you in the article below!

Snorkeling – what is it?

Snorkeling means that a swimmer equipped with a mask, snorkel and fins, while floating on the surface of the water, observes the underwater life.

No special qualifications are needed for snorkeling. The activity itself is child’s play – by submerging your head under the water, you can freely admire the beauty of the underwater world. You take in the air with the snorkel in your mouth or with the snorkel built into your mask (depending on what type of equipment you choose).

Snorkeling does not require good swimming skills (but you have to take care of safety – more on that in a moment). It is enough to just go into the water and dip your face under the surface, protected with the mask.

What to remember while snorkeling?

Remember that snorkeling is only supposed to provide you with pleasure, so try to relax, but also choose the time and place responsibly. Before you go out to snorkel, check the sea conditions (e.g. if there are no large waves or strong currents) and choose a quiet place. The shallow waters of the cove beaches are usually great places for your first snorkeling trip.

Snorkeling safety

Snorkeling is a very pleasant form of recreation and at the same time, to keep it safe, you should remember a few rules.

  • When floating on the surface in the sun, it is worth wearing a short wetsuit or a T-shirt with a UV filter. This way you will avoid burns, which can be very unpleasant.
  • If you’re not swimming too well, it’s worth equipping (or borrowing) a snorkeling vest. It will increase safety, as it can be inflated when needed and stay calmly afloat. It may be needed when you get tired and away from the shore or you get a cramp.

A short drive takes us to the fishing village where after a short safety brief we get into our kayaks and paddle up the Kubang Badak River. We will kayak along the mangroves forest and enjoy the birdlife and wildlife here. We stop our paddle at a floating station up the river and then take another short walk to begin a 400 meter very easy hike through the mangrove forest to Pinang Cave, the remains of ancient sea cave formed by waves. We end this adventure at Jemuruk Island to have relaxing swim. Upon returning to the jetty, we then travel to a nearby local house for some homemade prepared lunch and refreshments.


  • MYR/RM 200 per adult
  • MYR/RM 150 per child
  • MYR/RM 250 per adult (with transfers)
  • MYR/RM 200 per child (with transfers)
  • A minimum of one (1) adult is required to be eligible for child ticket prices


  • Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Time: 09.30am – 01.00pm
  • Duration: 1.5hours kayaking, 30 minutes lunch, 15 minutes trekking, 30 minutes swimming
  • Attire: Swimming costume recommended under day wear. Comfortable shoes for hiking, hat, towel and change of clothes.
  • Numbers: Minimum 2 persons
  • Child Age: 5-12 Years Old
  • Fitness level: Average
  • Inclusive of: English-Speaking Nature Guide, sit on top explorer kayak with oar and life jackets will be provided, lunch at local family house and bottle drinking water.


  • 09.30am: Meet up at location, briefing and preparation
  • 09.40am: Kayaking start. Make a stop at Pinang Cave, Charcoal Kiln, Jemuruk Island
  • 12.30pm: Return to the Jetty, drive to a local house for Lunch
  • 01.00pm: Tour end