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Langkawi is one of the world’s magical places, blessed with amazing and ancient nature and spectacular sights and activities.

A number of dedicated people and businesses have developed tours and trips that visitors can experience and enjoy this magic with knowledgeable and qualified specialists who work hard to share their love and knowledge of Langkawi. This is what makes great tourism experiences, and this is what we are here to promote. These special companies can be difficult to contact and make bookings with as they are focused on providing great trips to clients who are here. They are often small and run as much for love and satisfaction as for profit. Langkawi Insider was created to help you to identify the best tours, trips and more to enrich your Malaysia holiday.

We strongly recommend booking before you arrive so we can offer you a personalized one-stop booking service for all services around Malaysia we recommend.

Beware Inferior Copycats

Like most destinations, Langkawi is also blessed with people who see the success of other companies and try to cash in by offering copycat tours. Unfortunately, they do not always have the knowledge and experience to provide high quality service. As we live in Langkawi and speak to visitors who have been tours and trips we are easily able to sort the best from the rest.

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