Secret Balance

Inclusive of foot bath, Scrub with Tongkat Ali – a stimulating & invigorating Asian root traditionally consumed to increase male vitality. It’s wonderful body scrub.

Price: RM 95 (45 minutes)


Inclusive of foot bath scrub with ginger or coffee an anti-oxidant that fight free radicals and stimulate natural detoxification. Exfoliates all traces of roughness leaving you glowing from the inside out.

Price: RM 95 (45 minutes)

Refreshing/After Sun

Inclusive of foot bath, scrub with cucumber, herbs, and honey. Cool skin and reduce redness / enriches and relaxes tension lines.

Price: RM 95 (45 minutes)


Inclusive of foot bath, ingredients used : Tanaka tree, lemon & honey / turmeric & tamarind with a blend of traditional Thai herbs to stimulate and gently exfoliate, while smoothing away dry & rough skin. Improves circulation and leaves skin with a radiant glow.

Price: RM 95 (45 minutes)


Inclusive of foot bath, milk/rose/jasmine/ rice/herbs & honey to gently exfoliate, nourish and enhance cell renewal, leaving skin soft & glowing.

Price: RM 95 (45 minutes)

Body Wrap

Inclusive of foot bath, morocco red clay / marine mud / white clay masks for deep cleansing, purifying, soothing and reducing irritation. Leaves you invigorated with revitalized and silky smooth skin.

Price: RM 120 (40 minutes)