Signature Massages


Sound Bliss Massage

Sound Bliss Massage is a time to leave the outside world behind, an invitation to go inside and let yourself be rejuvenate. It using the ancient knowledge about the effects of sound on the human body, mind and soul. In a sound massage session Pavitra uses some touch and combination of singing bowls according to your individual need’s like purifying vibrations clear negative energies, stimulate the chakras and can bring deep relaxation. The primordial sounds and harmonies (overtones) of these bowls interact with every heartbeat and can take you on a deep meditative journey.


  • 1 hour RM 180
  • 1½ hours RM 270
  • 2 hours RM 330

Wave Massage

Wave Massage is a therapeutic massage that utilizes a slow, controlled touch gently sink deeply into muscles, thereby minimizing the onset of pain and muscle guarding typically associated with a deep massage. The slow, controlled touch of slow wave massage also allows you as a client To relax more while receiving a massage that affects your muscles at the deepest levels.


  • 1 hour RM 160
  • 1½ hours RM 230
  • 2 hours RM 300

Herbal Oil Massage

Blended herbal oil to have a touch of traditional malay herb aroma, warm feeling, blood circulation, muscle pain relief. A deeply penetrating and soothing herbal oil for all the aches and pains we endure. This is a great massage oil and the technique of the massage for relief from fatigue and stiffness, with just the right ingredients to add a slightly euphoric aroma.


  • 1 hour RM 150
  • 1½ hours RM 220
  • 2 hours RM 280