Lubuk Tuna (17)


This river is a coastal river and we ride a boat along the mangrove forest a unique group of trees that Mangrove River Cruise and Swimming Tour conducted at Kubang Badak River. This mangroves Forest is home to a unique group of plants. Adapted to live in an environment of constant and dynamic change. Dictated by the rise and fall of the tides, the Mangroves are a wonderful study on survival and adaptation. Our guide will take us on board to explore the Kubang Badak River. We may have chances to observe the White-bellied Sea Eagles, Brahminy Kites, Kingfishers, Herons, Mudskippers, Fiddler Crabs and Monitor Lizards and if we are lucky the resident otter family. We then make our way to a local family house for a delightful home cooked lunch. Next we head to a nearby jungle trail for a short 500m trek leads to a quite jungle pool for a refreshing swim before returning to the resort.



  • MYR/RM140 per adult.
  • MYR/RM100 per child


Available: Sharing trip available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Time: 10.00am – 2.00pm

Duration: 1.5hours boat ride, 30 minutes lunch, 15 minutes trekking to/from the stream, 1 hour swimming.

Attire: T-Shirts, shorts, sensible sandals (it will get wet), hat and good sun protection

Numbers: Minimum 4 adults

Fitness level: Average/ Very easy.

Inclusive of: English-Speaking Nature Guide, Life Jacket will be provided, lunch at local family house and bottle drinking water.

Attire: Swimming costume recommended under day wear. Comfortable shoes for hiking, hat, towel and change of clothes.


10.20am: Arrived at Kubang Badak Jetty. Safety brief by Nature Guide. Toilet break.

10.30am: Get on explorer boat and begin tour. Slow boat ride through Kubang Badak River. Guide will narrate and explain about mangrove ecology and wildlife we encounter.

12.00pm: Return to jetty & depart to local Malay family house for lunch.

12.40pm: Depart to Jungle stream (Waterfall) starting point for swimming.

1.05pm: Arrived at the trail and begin to trek to the stream.

1.20pm: Swimming in crystal creek stream.

2.15pm: Trek back to starting point and depart back to Hotel.