The cruise starts at a busy tourist jetty in Tanjung Rhu. As the boat start to move, the salt wind began to be felt all over as well as the warmth from the morning sunshine. The first stop is to the ruins of an old charcoal kiln located just the side of the mangrove river banks. The bricks from the kiln that had collapsed were clearly visible to the boat. Then the boat stop at another mangrove riverbank where Fiddler crab was seen busy digging holes into the mud.

Along the river, True mangrove and Cannonball mangrove was observed. The cruise continued to the Eagle feeding site where a large number of Brahminy kites and White-bellied sea eagles flew around and sometimes dive to the water to catch the food that was given by another tourist. Then the cruise visited to Long-tailed Macaque feeding site.

The cuteness of the macaque kind of attracting moreover when the macaque eats the food given by other tourist using both of their hands. Hide any plastics from the eye sight of the macaque because they are very sensitive with it. The cruise also visit crocodile cave which the entrance of the cave clearly shown the entire anatomy of crocodile. After visiting crocodile cave, another cave been visited is bat cave. Here, the experience of feeling close to the bat is very thrilling. Cruising through between limestone rock walls for sure will feel like in the movie King Kong. The cruise final stop is at Kilim Geoforest park gigantic signature signboard. Don’t forget to snap as much of picture with different pose at the iconic signboard.