Paddling in a kayak while feeling the splash of chill water through the mangrove river in the early morning accompanied by morning sunshine, hearing the sound of birds singing in nature and the smell of muddiness was the initial experience felt. Blue-spotted mudskipper jumping around and Fiddler crab digging holes into the mud acting as an ecology engineer.

Paddling through the mangrove river, the adventure continued with a stop to visit an abandoned charcoal kiln and closed up with the mangrove tree. Walking on the wooden boardwalk like a tunnel of mangrove tree reduce the heat from the scorching sun and the excitement escalates when one finally sees the ruined charcoal kiln. The ruined charcoal kiln serves as the motel for a multitude of different creatures. The brick arrangement of the kiln can be clearly seen as well as the burned effect.

The adventure then continued by paddling to a wider mangrove river where a Brahminy kite and White-bellied sea eagle seen freely flew above seeking its brunch. The next stop was Pinang cave and to get there a short hike was required. The pungent smell of guano and the screeching sound of the bat was heard as soon arrived at the entrance of the cave. The adventure ends with a relaxing swim in the warm and wavy seawater at peaceful Jemuruk Island.