Desaru Tide-Pools and Tidal-Shore Walks

During low tide a large part of Tanjung Lompat becomes exposed, offering an interesting ecology for a light educational tour. Many interesting creatures that have been patiently
waiting out the high tide appear during low tide to feed e.g. Ghost crabs, Sand-bubbler crabs, Soldier Crabs, an array of mollusk e.g. Moon snails and hiding between the gaps and cracks of exposed rocks are the living fossils called Chitons.

Belungkor Hill Hiking

This trail is suitable for those who look for a little adventure and has high fitness level. Bukit Belungkur highest summit at 283 meters above sea level offers a breath-taking scenery overlooking Selat Tebrau. We start the hike at 09.00am with local guide, he is well-known in the area as a fruits farmer. Along the way our local guide will explaining about the local flora and fauna that we might come across. If we are lucky we can get to Eagles and Sunda Squirrel.

Belungkor Mangrove & Village Tour

Boat depart at 9.00am and all guest are required to wear life jacket and applied hand sanitizer before entering the boat. Guide started off by explaining about history of Johor Sultanate. Further in the river guide started to explain about the mangrove ecosystem and the cruise include a mangrove scenic and photo cruise through Sungai Terus Pelanduk.

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