The hike started with slow and steady uphill steep steps to warm up the muscle up to the top of 7 wells waterfalls. Once reach the top of the waterfalls, a short break with a few sips of water to reduce the thirst while enjoying the panoramic view of the southwest side of Langkawi Island and feeling the chill sea breeze reduce the exhaustion.

The hike continued by crossing a small stream and straight into the jungle trail. The surrounding immediately became peaceful due to the canopy of trees covering the sky along with the dense forest floor that is overgrown with diverse species of plants. Watch out for blood thirsting leeches on the ground as well as at the tip of shrub leaves. The hike passed a few campsites plus Eurycoma longifolia herbs can be spotted along the trail. Up high on the tall fig tree, a giant wasp nest can be seen clearly made from Staghorn fern leaves. If lucky, the sound of a hornbill flapping its wing in the sky can be heard. The hike began to feel when the terrain became steeper about 250 meters high elevation to reach the peak.

The final push to the peak requires great determination and extra caution as the trail is packed with a decent size of boulders. About 100 meters to the peak, there is a nice viewpoint with the scenery of other peaks in addition to the scenery of the vast expanse of the ocean in addition the size of the tree is smaller compared to the lower elevation. Finally, Mount Mat Chinchang peak was successfully hiked and a panoramic view can be seen from the top of the mountain.